GoDaddy Hosting Review

If you have a plan to start a business, you need a website. That means you need to choose a web hosting service to host your website. Godaddy may be a good choice. It is suitable for personal and commercial purposes. Take a look at Hosting Godaddy reviews with hosting packages and compare them with the best hosting.

GoDaddy hosting review

Below we will go through each specific hosting package:

GoDaddy also charges a monthly fee for Hosting packages but will have a discount if you purchase an annual package. But GoDaddy always has the special offer for Economy plan. You can buy Economy plan with just only $1/month and get a free domain name, free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email for 1 year. This package with 100GB space and Unlimited bandwidth. You can use only 1 website for this plan.

godaddy hosting plan

If you need more 1 website you can choose Deluxe or Ultimate package. It has unlimited space and bandwidth.

Advantages of GoDaddy Hosting

– Cheap: Surely this is one of the cheapest providers in the industry, at least on a personal level. The value you get from buying a small GoDaddy package that comes with a few coupons on ads like Google AdWords and Bing can make you feel that buying a web hosting is not bad. Although it seems like losing $ 1 for a $ 50 price tag and lots of other incentives you should not expect to get a lot of actual value. If you want to know more about why it does not bring you much real value, leave a comment below and I will write a review on that.

– Bandwidth Unlimited: You can say that all shared host providers are advertising their bandwidth is unlimited, but actually it is always limited when you get a large amount of traffic. However, unlike some other hosting services, they do not force you to pay extra when your traffic spikes or deletes your account, but simply by receiving a lot of traffic, your website will be overloaded. download and no longer accessible. Of course, when hackers attack your site to break into the GoDaddy server, they will still delete your account as usual.

– Friendly new users: If you absolutely do not know anything about the mechanism of action of WordPress, you could easily create a WordPress site with a name, click a few to choose from available and So your website has been finished.

– Godaddy has good customer service: When evaluating GoDaddy Hosting people often talk about the best customer support services, you can feel the positive from them in support. If you’ve been working with them for a long time, you can easily see that their service has improved dramatically since 2013, but has to mention that they have had tremendous support services before.

– Stability: have to say I am quite impressed. GoDaddy has guaranteed uptime with uptime up to 99.93% (Pretty high but compared to the top vendors have not yet penetrated)

Disadvantages of GoDaddy Hosting

If you have used a service long enough, you will have a lot of complaints and this is no exception.

– Database limit: Unlimited bandwidth, but you have limited storage space. When you use GoDaddy service for the first time, it will not be a problem, but when your needs grow, it will be very annoying. Also, their email service is so bad that they so spam that they find out what information is useful.

– Godaddy is quite ‘ticklish’ when you want to stop service: Customer support staff always feel uncomfortable when you tell them that their service is not good and you do not want to use it anymore. And it seems they know about their competitors with better services in certain aspects but never want to admit it. This is actually quite normal and in the market everyone is different, the difference is that their attitude is quite clear, maybe because I was not lucky to encounter such employees, in the dark This is quite unprofessional for a company to do service.

– Reviews for GoDaddy Hosting on Security Issues Security is often the number one priority for anyone, but for GoDaddy, there are billions of things to worry about before you can think of security but do not ignore it because GoDaddy does. Each has a history of being hacked by hackers to gain control and get customer information from the entire system. Their former CEO always denied that this was their fault and after they had resolved the problem, they always bragged about having their own ‘best’ security system. For those who have never used it, it is okay to have the majority of their old customers complain about this. Their new CEO, Blake Irving, has made significant improvements to Godaddy, but what happens is that it is a dirty mess for them. So you should secure your site best without having to wait for the service provider because sometimes large providers like GoDaddy cannot afford to take care of themselves.

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