Namecheap SSL

How to Register SSL at Namecheap for only $ 2.87 first year

With the tips in this post, you can buy cheap SSL certificates at Namecheap with just only $2.87 / the first year. Usually when registering PositiveSSL Comodo will lose $ 9 / year…

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install wordpress on centos

How to Install WordPress on CentOS

Before installing WordPress, the server needs to have  LAMP or LEMP installed. Steps to install WordPress on CentOS Download WordPress Go to the folder containing the website content cd /usr/share/nginx/html/ wget Decompression…

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how to install lemp on centos7

How to install LEMP stack on CentOS 7

When you buy a new VPS. You need a web server to run the website on it. LEMP stands for the following software groups: Linux, NGINX, Maria DB, and PHP. Linux…

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How to install LEMP on Ubuntu

How to Install LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) on Ubuntu 12

What’s LEMP? LEMP are Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP. What’s Nginx? Nginx is an open source web server that runs very fast and uses fewer system resources. You will not…

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How to install Wordpress on Ubuntu

How to Install WordPress on Ubuntu

Before installing WordPress on Ubuntu, the server needs to have LAMP installed. 3 Steps to install WordPress 1, Download WordPress Go to www folder (or folder containing website content) cd / var…

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creat database with command line

How to create Mysql database and user with terminal command

This article will guide you to create a database and user mysql with the terminal command. Login to MySQL mysql -u root -p Create database create database dbname; Create and…

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How to Install 1-Click-to-Install Sentastico addon for Sentora

Instead of spending time downloading web resources, unpacking, and then uploading the web, why not use the Sentastico Addon to save time. This tutorial helps you install Sentastico Addon for Sentora….

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how to install file manager

How to install EL File Manager for Sentora?

In the previous post, we have instructed you to install Sentora on VPS. In this article, we will help  you to install a File Manager for Sentora You can use…

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how to install sentora

How to Install Sentora on CentOS 7

Hello, in other posts I have posted the LAMP installation guide on CentOS, but it has not Control Panel. Today, You can install Sentora easily, quickly with this post. Sentora can be…

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install let's encrypt on cPanel Hosting

How to install Free SSL Let’s Encrypt on cPanel X hosting

SSL or HTTPS in the future will be the standard protocol, as the browser is improving to make it easy for users to distinguish which website is secure, which does not. Even Google places priority…

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