How to Extract large files using SSH on Shared Hosting or VPS

SSH  stands for Secure Shell. It is the protocol to connect securely to a remote server. This article will guide you to extract the file using SSH.


What do you need to prepare?

  • Access to the Hosting control panel
  • FTP login information
  • SSH Clients, in this example I use putty, download here
  • Upload the file to the hosting with the FTP client or File Manager to the public_html root directory.  In this tutorial, I uploaded the file named

Step 1 – Activate SSH and get SSH access information

Visit Hosting Control Panel member area. Open the control panel of your hosting account related, navigate to Access SSH or SSH Access.

shell ssh

Here you will need to enable SSH or Manage SSH Key and Generate a new Public Key. You need download this key for using with Putty.

Some hosting you will get the following information:

  • SSH IP
  • SSH Port
  • SSH Username
  • SSH Password

You don’t need to do anything with VPS, Only need to login SSH and work with it.

Step 2 – Connect to the hosting account using SSH clients

At this point, you already have Putty software at the Preparatory Step, and SSH access information at Step 1

Open the putty, enter 2 parameters in step 1 is  SSH IP  and  SSH Port  and press the Open button


Another window pops up, and you will need to enter the  SSH Username after the login as well as your account as the example, in case your SSH Username will be a different name.


After entering the  SSH Username, press enter, where you will find that you need to enter your SSH password and password as well as the FTP password in the Preparatory Step you already have. Enter the password and press enter.

putty 4

NOTE! When you’re done, just fill in and hit enter, and you will not see the mouse pointer appear on the screen.

Putty 5

Step 3 – Go to the public_html directory and extract the file using the command

Do not be afraid, just under the very simple command you follow the steps that proceed.

Step 3.1 – Access to the public_html directory

Type the following command to access the public_html directory (because the file,   as you said in the preparation step, has been uploaded to this directory).

cd public_html


Hit enter

Step 3.2 – Unzip the file

Type the following command to extract the  file 


Press  Enter,  you will see that it is running.




Now, you just need to use File Manager or FTP client to move the files on the server to the necessary directory. The file has been extracted.

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