How to setup your custom domain email with Zoho Mail?

Hello, If you have a domain like, you can create free custom domain email with Zoho like

With a free account, you get 1 domain, 25 users, and 5 GB mailbox store. If you have a higher demand, you can upgrade to a paid account for more support. You will have Webmail and App on Mobile, SMTP or IMAP for all email software. You can read How to buy a domain name at GoDaddy to buy a new domain for Email.

Zoho MailSetup Free Custom Email Domain with Zoho

Step 1: Register your Zoho account

First, visit the registration page here

Press SIGN UP to start the registration

Zoho 1

Complete the necessary information


If the information you entered is correct, you will receive a welcome page. Click Setup “

zoho 3

In this step, you will complete some of the actions that Zoho requires to verify that the domain you entered is your domain.

zoho 4

Select your domain name provider if it is on the supported Zoho list and follow the simple step by step instructions.

If your provider is not listed, select Others


We will have 3 ways to confirm your domain name

  • CNAME Method: CNAME validation
  • TXT Method: Verify by TXT
  • HTML Method: HTML validation

In this article, we will use the first, confirmed by CNAME. To proceed, log on to the domain’s DNS management page. Create a CNAME with content like Zoho required

zoho verify cname

Once completed, click Verify by CNAME to confirm your domain name

zoho verify cname2

Zoho verify cname 3

If successful, you will move on to the next step. Here, enter the name of the account you want to create. For example,, and then click Create Account

zoho create email account

On the next page, if you do not want to create more users, click Skip

zoho skip

You can also click Skip to ignore

In this step, we will configure DNS as required by Zoho to receive incoming email.

zoho verify dns

Return to the domain’s DNS management page, creating two more MX records with content like Zoho requests

zoho verify dns2

When you create MX successfully at Domain Manage DNS, Go back to Zoho, click Next to continue

Now If you want to send email not to be moved to Spam, you need to configure additional  SPF  and DKIM  for the domain

Configure SPF

In the DNS configuration page, add a TXT record with Name @and Value v=spf1 ~all

DKIM configuration

You create another TXT record, with Name is 3434._domainkey and Value is k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQE

Wait for the domain name to update the entire record, click the Next button to go to the next step. You can skip some step if you don’t use.

Here, congratulations, you have successfully created your domain name email with Zoho. Click Proceed to Access ZohoMail to go to the Email Management pageZoho

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