How to use Filezilla FTP?

Hello, Filezilla is a free open source software that can help you transfer large files easily and quickly. The FileZilla FTP client is very user-friendly and easy to use, so it’s the most popular FTP client.


It also supports many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD and many other operating systems. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure FileZilla FTP client to connect to FTP server and manage all files in it.

What do you need to use Filezilla?

Before you start, you need to:

  • Filezilla client can be downloaded here. Download and install it.
  • FTP account login information. Filezilla can use for Shared Hosting and VPS with sFTP.

Access the site manager in the Filezilla Client

To add a site to your FileZilla client, you need to open FileZilla and access Site Manager. Site Manager can be accessed by pressing CTRL + S. On the MAC you can press CMD + S ) in the Filezilla client or you can find the icon on the left in FileZilla.

filezilla site manager

Next step, You need to add the site to Site Manager. To do this, click the ” New Site ” button in Site Manager and fill in the missing information in the image below.

  • ” Host ” – you can find this information from your hosting provider, but in many situations, you can type as the hostname.
  • ” Port ” – Port FTP server, the default port of FTP is 21, however, this field is not required. If you connect to VPS with sFTP use port 22.
  • ” Protocol ” – protocol to transfer files between the network. Select FTP – File Transfer Protocol.
    • FTP  – FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. It is an Internet protocol designed specifically to establish a connection between an Internet server (or computer), so that users can transfer files (or download files) to their computer or upload files from their servers to the server. (computer).
    • SFTP  – SFTP stands for “Secure File Transfer Protocol”. The secure file transfer protocol ensures that data is transferred securely using private connections. It is a standard file transfer protocol using SSH2. SFTP servers use port 22 and FTP over SSL / TLS (implicit mode) using default port 990.
  • ” Encryption ” – Select how the data is encrypted. We recommend using Only Use plain FTP (insecure) because methods require you to create additional certificates and other configurations. If you want to connect to the server using another encryption protocol, please contact your hosting provider for further instructions.
  • “Logon Type” – this type of login can be used, as appropriate:
  • Anonymous: You can not add a username and password. In this case, the username must always be “Anonymous”.
  • Normal: You must enter a username and, if necessary, enter a password.
  • Ask for password: FileZilla will ask you for your password when signing in, just remember the password for that session.
  • Interactive: FileZilla asks for a password and can ask again once for the password, and asks again for every new connection to the server.
  • Account: Select this in the Account field in the bookmark settings. This account is only for FTP, SFTP does not support it.
  • User: FTP user you use to connect.
  • Password: FTP user password

You can specify the Logon Type , which can be set to Normal and fill in the username and password.

filezilla site manager config

Finally, once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, most ” Connect ” and ” OK ” buttons are connected to the server. Before doing so, please check if your password and information are correct.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured the FileZilla client and connected to your FTP server; you can download, upload and manage all your files from one place to the Filezilla client. If you have any questions, issues, you can leave a comment.

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