extract large file via ssh

How to Extract large files using SSH on Shared Hosting or VPS

SSH  stands for Secure Shell. It is the protocol to connect securely to a remote server. This article will guide you to extract the file using SSH. What do you need to prepare? Access…

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blogger to wordpress

How to transfer data from Blogger to WordPress

Hello, In this tutorial, you will learn how to move data from Blogger ( Google ) to WordPress, it helps you will move from Blogger website to new WordPress page and…

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What does Inode mean in hosting?

You often see inode numbers in cPanel’s hosting providers. But you do not know what is the meaning of it? In the article today I will explain more about an inode….

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How to manage domain at NameSilo

How to manage Domain Name at NameSilo.com

New domain name registration or renewal rates in Namesilo are relatively cheap, So many bodies began to trust gradually move domain here. Easy to Manage domain names at NameSilo.com First, visit the…

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how to buy domain at GoDaddy

How to buy domain names on GoDaddy for newbies?

Godaddy is the largest domain name provider in the world. As of January 2016, the domain name provider managed more than 61 million domains. In addition to providing domain names, the company also…

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Top 7 Best Free Hosting Providers For WordPress

Advantages of using free hosting services There are many advantages of free hosting service No hosting costs. This is of course Easy registration. You only need an email to sign up for…

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how to manage domain name at 1and1

How to manage Domain Name at 1and1.com

1&1 is the big domain manager in the world. Today you will learn how to manage your domain here. Specifically, after reading the article, you will know Turn off auto-extended Activate hidden…

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Domain name transfer

How to transfer domain name for beginners

Domain Transfer is the process of transferring domain names from one provider to another. When transferring domain names you only have to pay for the new provider and add a 1…

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